Who’s Your Favorite Historical Woman?

American Museum of Women's History

From Left to Right: Abigail Adams, Alice Paul, Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth L Gardner (WASP), and Laura Ingalls Wilder

We recently asked our interns to answer the question “Who is your favorite historical Woman?” Here are the results!

Daniella Amell: Abigail Adams

Angela Phillips: Eleanor Roosevelt and Alice Paul. Roosevelt completely changed the role of the first lady and led the development of Human Rights policy internationally and Alice Paul was incredibly devoted to the Suffragist Movement and withstood everything from mobs to politics.

Molly Hall-Harvey: “WASP’s during WWII. They had the same standards as their male counterparts but were not allowed to serve in combat. They towed targets when they flew so the men could practice shooting and also flew test missions to try out high-speed aircraft. Since they were not fully recognized by the military when one of them died they were sent home at the family’s expense and not given military honors.”

Lily Tyndall: “Laura Ingalls Wilder. My mother and I used to read the Little House series together when I was little, and they have always brought me joy; I still love reading about the dynamics of pioneer life and about the stories of a young girl like me.”

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