Scholar Summit Update – 5PM, January 24

Attention Scholar Summit Attendees!

After a number of phone calls today, we are still moving forward with the Summit!  Just too much work has gone into this to start over and our Commission timeline is just too tight to push this important meeting further on in the year.  So here is the plan:

  • The panelists are currently holding the time of their panel discussion and presentation on their calendar regardless of whether or not they can physically be in DC.  At the least, we will connect to them via conference call.  In the best case scenario, we are working on a web based video conference system called WebEx so that they can join via their computer.
  •  From what we can gather, the Wilson Center is planning on being open on Tuesday.  If for some reason they are not, we are looking at some alternative sites that are close to a metro stop but most likely a bit smaller and perhaps not as fancy.
  • For all attendees, we are highly encouraging your in-person participation as the very best meetings are live.  Plus the round-table conversations at lunch will be an important part of the discussion.  However, for those that simply can’t join the Summit in person, a call-in option will be offered and perhaps even a video link!
  • Once businesses are open tomorrow and once the city has another day under its belt to recover from SNOWZILLA – we will continue to firm up plans.

Again, please periodically check our web-site  for other updates.

Stay tuned!


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