Joining Forces to Create an Active and Supportive Community in Washington D.C.

national women's history museum

Last week the Congressional Commission on an American Museum of Women’s History joined forces with the Lung Cancer Alliance to host a Washington DC networking event. Fifty men and women ranging from attorneys, lobbyists, scholars, and nonprofit leaders gathered together to socialize, network, and to learn more about the Commission. By hosting these events, the Commission increases our visibility and encourages the growth of a supportive and active community. This community will be an invaluable addition to our report due in November.

This is event is just one of many the Commission is hosting to gather as much information and to gain as much support as possible in order to submit a thorough and supported report to Congress. Chair Jane Abraham addressed the group about the importance of building an American Museum of Women’s History and Lung Cancer Alliance CEO, Laurie Fenton-Ambrose addressed the group about the importance of lung cancer screening and needed medical research as the most aggressive form of lung cancer attacks young women in their 20s and 30s that have never smoked.

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